Fostering Friendships

Fostering Friendships

School Commission and Red Folder Sunday
School Commission is an advisory committee to the principal. The commission meets monthly to discuss school-related topics and concerns. School Commission commences the school year by hosting "Red Folder Sunday" in the middle of August following Sunday Masses. "Red Folders" are one vehicle for communication from the principal, the school office, staff, and various volunteer groups. The folders are sent home Fridays with the youngest student in the family. "Red Folder Sunday" is another great opportunity to meet fellow St. Boniface School families.

Mentor Families
New families are paired with a "mentor family" who may have a child in the same grade. This "mentor family" is available to answer any questions you may have.

Buddy Program
All students in K3, K4 and K5 are assigned an older "buddy" from 5th, 6th and 7th grades. These "buddies" meet together for various activities throughout the year. "Buddies" also sit together each week during mass.

Spirit Groups
Spirit groups are a way to provide valuable leadership experiences for the 8th graders while promoting creativity and collaboration among students of all age levels. Spirit groups consist of 15-18 students from multiple grades and one teacher. Activities are hosted monthly and focus on team building and/or service projects.

Grandparents' Day/VIP Day
Grandparents'/V.I.P. Day is a unique opportunity for the students to bond with their grandparents or a Very Important Person in their life for a few treasured hours. This also provides grandparents and V.I.P.s the chance to meet the friends and teachers they so often hear about in conversations at home.

"Apple Pie Sale"
St. Boniface families participate in our annual “Apple Pie Sale” through pie sales and working during the apple pie production in October. The money raised is used to supplement major purchases for the school and other necessary budget items.

Dinner Auction/Grapes and Grains Beer & Wine Tasting Event
The dinner auction is a semi-formal evening featuring a dinner, silent auction, classroom gifts auction, voice auction, raffles and entertainment. Held on alternate years, the Grapes and Grains Event is a casual evening held at the school featuring hors d'oeuvres and wine and beer selections from over the world for sampling and purchase. Proceeds raised in the recent past have funded several technology upgrades including a new server, iPad minis and Chromebooks. These additional funds have allowed us to provide a 1:1 ratio for student computing.