Grade 10

Grade 10
The theme for 10th Grade is... I Command You: Love One Another (John 15:17) -- God’s Guide to Living 

Youth that have been absent during the first semester need to watch the Theology of the Body videos at home.

To find out which chapters are covered in which class sessions, see Calendar of Sessions by Topic.


Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, teens are not to watch the videos alone. We recommend that moms watch with daughters and dads watch with sons. Go to the link below. Use the left side to navigate through the chapters. The videos match up one for one with the chapters in the parent and youth textbooks.

Theology of the Body Videos * NOT transferrable to families outside the class.

Curriculum Outline – Grade 10 – 2016-2017

I Command You: Love One Another (John 15:17) -- God's Guide to Living

Sessions are held on Sundays from 11 am to 12:30 pm in Room 150 of the school. Families are encouraged to attend the 10 am Mass just prior to the sessions.

Each session consists of a large group portion (teaching) and a small group portion (discussion). The teaching is done by a lead catechist with possible assisting catechists. The discussion is led by small group facilitators with a group of 7 or so teens. Some of the small group facilitators are "permanent," while others are parents assigned on a rotating basis.


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