Athletics at St. Boniface are open to all day school students and any child that is a member of St. Boniface parish and is enrolled in Faith Formation.

Volleyball is the first sports season beginning in August and ending in October.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Krause at (262) 257-0704 or at bkrause8993@gmail.com



Beth Krause
Volleyball Coordinator


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Registration Information

Below are the registration forms that need to be completed and returned. These include the consent form and a medical consent form that is completed by the parents (this is not a physical exam). There is a $50 fee that is collected in the fall.
Please return the completed forms to the school office to the attention of Beth Krause. There are other forms that will need to be completed but they will be completed in the fall.

Physical Exams
Everyone that plays athletics at St. Boniface is required to have a physical exam before they will be allowed to practice or play. The
physical is good for a 2 year period for all sports.

All situations are different but, generally physical exams are needed in the following situations:

1. Your child will be in the 7th grade during the volleyball season and has played a sport at St. Boniface since the 5th grade;
2. Your child's first season in St. Boniface athletics was 2 seasons ago;or
3. If your child will be in the 5th grade during the volleyball season.

If you have any questions regarding this information please feel free to contact Beth Krause via e-mail at bkrause8993@gmail.com.

Athletics Consent Form

Athletics Medical Consent Form

Volleyball Registration 2018