Our Amazing Apple Pie Sale by Greyson Becker

Oct 31, 2018

Hello, my name is Greyson Becker and I would like to inform you about our Apple Pie Sale that we have here at St.Boniface.

Our Apple Pie Sale is the biggest fundraiser we have for our school. It’s not just selling apple pies, it’s making them too!

The people who organize this whole fundraiser are the Apple Pie Committee. They give everybody a job and make sure everything runs smoothly. The Apple Pie Sale began in October 2008, and we've been doing it ever since. Making the apple pies takes place in the St. Boniface gym, also known as Sippal Hall. The people that are in charge are my mom, Jennifer Becker, and my aunt, Carry Ceman. I have helped out in past years and it is always an awesome time.

“Everyone is welcome to help out,” Mrs. Grossi, one of our many volunteers says, “And my favorite thing about Apple Pie is coming home from working my shifts, putting a pie in the oven, and eating it with ice cream.”

I chose this topic because I wanted to tell people about our sale,  to get them involved, and to represent our school. I think that “Apple Pie” is a great fundraiser; it helps our school a ton. I think all the people that can volunteer should, so we have a lot of people to help make and sell our pies. Our Apple Pie Sale is amazing! Come check it out!


  • Jody BannerPosted on 11/01/18

    We usually sell pies at the beginning of the school year and make them at the end of October. Call the school office to inquire about buying some.

    School: 262-628-1955

  • Sue FinnPosted on 10/31/18

    I would like to buy pies. When can I do this?