St. Boniface Girls Volleyball by Cassie Fox

Oct 31, 2018

Hi, I’m Cassie, and I love playing volleyball for the St. Boniface Eagles! Since the first practice I felt it was amazing, not just because of the sport, but because of the friends too!  

My coach is Coach Henke, and there are 11 girls on my team. I asked two girls what their favorite thing about volleyball is, “I really like serving,” says Kyra Henke, 6th grade.  “My favorite thing is scrimmaging!” Says Maria Sapidia, 5th grade. (Scrimmaging is game played against teammates, or other teams from your school that doesn’t count in the team’s record..)

We practice twice a week in Sipple Hall. Our practice usually goes like this: we show up, set up the net, do drills on either bumps or sets, discuss what we need to work on and then do it! Sometimes we scrimmage other St. Boniface teams, and then finally we practice serving.

Our volleyball team is special to our school because the families and teachers love to see the new friendships, how well we work as a team, and all the games we play!

Everyone attending our school, or just wanting to play volleyball, should join the St. Boniface school team because you will make so many friends and you will learn how to play fantastic volleyball.  That is why I love volleyball, and this volleyball team so much! Go Eagles!


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