Give Back Program With Life Line Screenings

Sep 28, 2017

October Recognizes Bone and Joint Awareness

A woman’s risk of breaking a hip is equal to her risk of developing breast cancer, uterine and ovarian cancer combined, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation website.  

This is why St Boniface Catholic Church is hosting Life Line Screening, the nation’s leading provider of preventive health screenings on Thursday, October 5, 2017.  The screenings provided include an ultrasound of the heel, which is a first-rung osteoporosis risk test. This is an important test to take during October, a month dedicated to recognizing bone and joint disorders such as osteoporosis.

Screenings include tests to check for blocked carotid arteries, atrial fibrillation, and high blood pressure, which are the three leading risk factors for stroke. Nearly 800,000 strokes will occur this year.

Other tests check for abdominal aortic aneurysms and PAD, also called “hardening of the arteries” in the legs. Many events also offer blood tests, including cholesterol, glucose and c-reactive protein screenings, as well as take-home colon cancer early detection tests.

Help St. Boniface earn $300 with the Give Back Program!  If we have 5 participants pre-register using one of the following methods, Life Line Screening will make a donation to St. Boniface.

Registrations can be made by…

· CALLING: 1-888-653-6441


· TEXTING: The word ‘circle’ to 797979

Screening packages start at $139. Single tests cost around $70.   Pre-registration is required.