Camel Races


New This Year - Camel Rides & Races!

Sunday 9/2 from noon-3pm  - Camel Rides!

Enjoy a guided and leisurely ride on these magnificent animals.

Price is $7.50 for 1 rider or $10 for 2 riders

Rides are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Professional photos will be available for purchase.


Sunday 9/2 from 3pm-5pm – Camel Races! 

Enjoy the thrill and entertainment of racing on these large animals.

Two camels with their riders will be racing from one end of the field to the other side.

Winners will advance to the next round until eliminated.

There are only limited spots available for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

Cost is $25 per rider.

Please register by filling out this form: Camel Rider Application form


St. Boniface Champion Needed

Are you a member of St. Boniface Catholic Parish?

Are you brave enough to race on top of a camel?

We are looking for 1-2 St. Boniface members to represent our parish as we race against leaders from other neighboring parishes.

Once you fill out the application, a bidding process will follow in the next few weeks to determine who will be the St. Boniface “champions” represented during the race.

Fill out a form today to get the process started!

Click here for application form