Capital Campaign

Since 1998, several hundred parishioners have offered special support for St. Boniface’s Building Fund. Those gifts enabled the expansion of our school and the construction of the Parish Center and Sippel Hall and have helped us service the building loan from those projects. This spring we are making a renewed push to repay the remaining $1.5 million balance on that loan. The goals of the Building Our Future Together campaign include:

  1. Goal One: $1.5 Million in Three-Year Pledges
    Reaching our financial goal for the capital campaign will fully repay the building loan in 2019 and save over $250,000 in future interest expenses. This would represent approximately doubling the existing support for the Building Fund over then next three years.

  2. Goal Two: 100% Participation:
    We ask that all parishioners prayerfully consider what support they might be willing to offer to finish the work parish began together. It is important that everyone returns a pledge card, regardless of the level of financial support you are able to offer.

Please take time in prayer and conversation as you consider what help you might be able to offer to assist in this important parish-wide effort.

NOTICE: If you haven't received or if you have lost your pledge form you can download one HERE.