High School

High School Faith Formation


For more information about our High School Faith Formation Program, please contact Hannah Bergland at hbergland@stbonifacewi.org or 262-628-8143 ext. 21.

For grades 9 through 11, our structure is one large group / small group session for each grade level. In other words, all 9th graders are together for the teaching portion and then break into small groups for the discussion portion. The teaching is done by a lead catechist with possible assisting catechists. The small group time is done by small group facilitators with a group of 7 or so teens. Some of the small group facilitators are "permanent" while others are parents assigned on a rotating basis. Sessions run from September through April and are held on Sundays from 11 am to 12:30 pm. Families are encouraged to attend the 10 am Mass just prior to the sessions. More information about Confirmation is provided in a separate link. Note that beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, candidates for Confirmation must attend both Grade 10 and the Confirmation year.

Here is an overview…

9th Grade  -- I Love You (John 15:12) -- God's Friendship in Scripture & Church

10th Grade  -- I Command You: Love One Another (John 15:17) -- God’s Guide to Living

Confirmation (usually 11th Grade) in Ghana Hall -- I Send You the Holy Spirit (John 15:26) -- Decision Point & Anointed in the Spirit

Service and Retreat opportunities, including Workcamp, are an integral part of our program. See their separate links for information.

Finally, research shows that parental involvement is the number one determining factor regarding teens practicing their faith as adults. We have parent / youth sessions for each grade. Grades 9 and 10 each have 2 parent sessions -- one in December and one in April. Confirmation (Grade 11) has a parent / candidate meeting in August followed by 2 sponsor / candidate meetings during the year. Parents will also be rotating through the sessions as small group leaders. You will also receive emails on an as needs basis.