Flavia from Uganda

St. Boniface School's sister Flavia in Uganda

  Flavia (age 13) with the quilt St Boniface students made her.

  Flavia reading our letters.

Flavia Naluminsa was born on June 30, 2004.  Flavia comes from a family of five children where she is the fourth born.  On June 4, 2010 her mother, Agnes, passed away due to AIDS.  Her father who also suffered from the same disease passed away before her mother. The five children were cared for by their grandmother.  As a school community, we made a commitment to sponsor Flavia for 10 years.  Through your generosity she is a part of Stella Maris Boarding Primary School in Uganda, Africa. 

Below are pictures of Flavia, her grandmother and siblings.   She is also in a new dress that she has received because of your blessing. Notice the smile on her face.  

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