Vacation Bible School

 Main Reasons to Participate in Vacation Bible School: 

4. You'll make new friends!

3. You'll find and experience the love of God

2. You'll learn new Bible stories and how to live your faith!

1. You'll have lots of fun!

  Reasons to Volunteer for Vacation Bible School

7. You'll develop as a leader, learning skills that can help you throughout your life. They look good on school or job applications, too!

6. You'll use your gifts and talents. Whether you like technology, art, drama, outdoor games, music, food, child care, or teaching younger kids, we have a place for you. 

5. You'll make new friends with others that are involved or have bonding experiences with kids you already know. We are collaborating with St. Gabriel, so you'll get to know people from there as well.

4. It'll give you something positive to do over the summer so you won't be bored, and you'll have a great time doing it!

3. You'll be making a positive contribution to St. Boniface and the larger community. You can earn service hours that look good on applications, too!

3. You'll have fun, fun, fun with younger kids and with your peers!

2. You'be be doing what Jesus commanded us to do before he ascended into heaven; that is making disciples!

1. You'll be living the life you were meant to live by your baptism, a life full of joy and love!