First Eucharist Masses are celebrated with the congregation at regular weekend Mass times during the Easter Season. We want children experiencing First Eucharist to have a complete understanding of what it is they are receiving, thus preparation for First Eucharist starts the year before they are to receive the sacrament.  Parents should have their children enrolled in Faith Formation classes by 1st grade. Those enrolled in the school will receive the class preparation as part of the school curriculum and attend the sacramental preparation activities along with the Faith Formation students. Preparation continues into the 2nd grade with children receiving First Eucharist in the spring of their 2nd grade. 

For more information on First Eucharist, or to enroll your child(ren) into our Faith Formation Program, please contact the Faith Formation Office at 262-628-8143.

Preparation to receive First Eucharist as an adult is part of our RCIA program. Please visit our RCIA page for more information.