Academic Excellence

Fully Accredited

St. Boniface is fully accredited by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent School Accreditation organization. St. Boniface School curriculum encompasses all subjects required by the State of Wisconsin and the Archdiocese.

St. Boniface has a dedicated veteran staff. All teachers promote excellence in education, have achieved their Bachelor’s degrees, and are Wisconsin Certified. Eight teachers have obtained their Master’s degrees. Teachers actively particpate in continuing education and professional development.

The office staff, principal, and pastor are always available to answer questions. During the summer, the school office is not staffed daily, but messages and mail are checked and returned at least once per week.

Academic Success
St. Boniface excels at preparing students for high school and beyond. Many graduates who attend Germantown High School place into honors classes and go on to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes. St. Boniface School graduates are well represented as valedictorians at Germantown High School. Graduates also matriculate to a variety of Catholic high schools including Marquette University High School, Divine Savior Holy Angels, Catholic Memorial, Pius XI and Dominican. You will also find St. Boniface alumni at a wide variety of colleges and universities including MIT, Fordham, UW Madison, Penn State, Purdue, and the Air Force Academy.

St. Boniface Curriculum offerings include:

Reading Readiness (K3 & K4)

Reading/Literature (K5 - 8th)

Math/Pre-Algebra/Algebra (K3 - 8th)

English/Language Arts (K4 - 8th)

Religion (K3- 8th)

Social Studies (K3 - 8th)

Science (K3 - 8th)

Spanish (6th - 8th)

Art (K5 - 8th)

Physical Education (K3 - 8th)

Music (K3 - 8th)

Library (K3 - 8th)