Advanced Resources & Technology

Advanced Resources & Technology

1:1 Computer to Student ratio
Each student is assigned a Chromebook for enhanced learning in the classroom. While keyboarding skills are emphasized throughout all grades, students are challenged to become proficient in using Microsoft Office® products. Students become proficient in Word®, Excel®, Powerpoint®, and Publisher®; these programs are used for many class projects. Students are also taught SMARTBoard applications, the basics of internet research, how to safely surf the web and how to use the new 21st century applications. This technology is a great compliment to our rigorous curriculum and inspires students to achieve more, learn more, explore more.

SMARTBoards and Interactive TV
Today's classrooms require a flexible set of tools to inspire extraordinary learning experiences and improve student learning outcomes. St. Boniface offers SMARTBoards and/or interactive televisions in classrooms so all students have access to these innovative educational tools. Each year we continue to invest in technology to enhance the educational experience of our students.

PowerSchool is the online grading system utilized by all teachers at St. Boniface. Parents in 5th through 8th grades are able to securely log on to an internet site and check their child's academic progress throughout the year - eliminating the anxiety of waiting for paper progress reports and report cards. The program lists each assignment, quiz and test score (denoting which are late or missing) and calculates the current grade in each subject area. Grades are posted within 48 hours.

Art Room
We are proud to offer students a dedicated art room and art teacher who offers a myriad of artistic techniques and mediums. The art room is complete with a pottery wheel, all tools needed for clay working and a kiln. There is a real enthusiasm for art throughout the grades which is evident in the quality art work they are encouraged to produce. Students have time and opportunity to develop their artistic skills and to enjoy creating expressions of their emotions, ideas and dreams. Learning many processes and styles of art is an integral part of our art program which prepares them for high school. 

Outdoor Classroom
LEARN (Loving Earth And Respecting Nature) is a special area on the northwest corner of the school grounds established over 15 years ago with native trees, shrubs and wildflowers. LEARN has a weather station, bird houses and feeders, a compost pile, a pond, and benches to be used for many curriculum areas. It is fondly referred to as St. Boniface's "outdoor classroom."

Our library comprises almost 8000 separate titles that are computer cataloged. Books range from Picture Books, Early Reader, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Magazines, Special Reference and titles from our own school authors. The library room contains work tables for studying and group work, as well as a comfortable rug for students to sit upon while listening to a story. New books are continually added to the library.

Sippel Hall
Sippel Hall is a muti-functional facility that fulfills a variety of needs for the parish and school. As a gymnasium it is used for physical education class and a venue for a full range of competitive athletic programs. Sippel Hall is also used as an auditorium, dance space, and a venue for many parish and school special events such as Spaghetti Dinner, Chili Supper, Fish Fry, Trivia Night, Vendor Fair and the Annual Rummage Sale.