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St. Boniface Girls Volleyball by Cassie Fox

Posted by Jody Banner on 10/31/18

Hi, I’m Cassie, and I love playing volleyball for the St. Boniface Eagles! Since the first practice I felt it was amazing, not just because of the sport, but because of the friends too!  

My coach is Coach Henke, and there are 11 girls on my team. I ... Read More »

Our Amazing Apple Pie Sale by Greyson Becker

Posted by Jody Banner on 10/31/18

Hello, my name is Greyson Becker and I would like to inform you about our Apple Pie Sale that we have here at St.Boniface.

Our Apple Pie Sale is the biggest fundraiser we have for our school. It’s not just selling apple pies, it’s making them too!

The people ... Read More »

My Own Rosary by Oliver Kelley

Posted by Jody Banner on 10/30/18

 Hi, my name is Oliver Kelley. In Mrs. Beckers’ fifth grade class at St. Boniface school, every student makes a fun, exciting, and cool rosary. About ten years ago the fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Beckers, thought it would be fun for her students to make their own they ... Read More »