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St. Boniface 8th Grade Ballers by Andres Fernandez

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/30/19

Do you have a great three point shot? Do you have an unstoppable layup? Do you have a lights-out mid-range shot? Do you have lockdown defense? St. Boniface has an amazing basketball program and welcomes any parishioner above 4th grade and below high school. One of the parish’s teams ... Read More »

D. A. R. E. to Be Safe by Maggie Durand

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/28/19

D. A. R. E is a program at St. Boniface for fifth graders. It stands for drug, abuse, resistance, education. Every year, for a couple of weeks in the spring, the fifth-grade class learns from Detective Schmidt or Officer Olson, who come in and teach the fifth grade class ... Read More »

Bonifest by Conrad Stuesser

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/25/19

Bonifest, which is held at St. Boniface school, is a very good time to have fun and meet new people. It is a festival to bring more people to our school. There are many games for kids and adults to play. There is also a tent for food and ... Read More »

8th Girls basketball at St.Boniface by Avery Hames

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/23/19

Girls basketball is one of the three sports you can participate in at St. Boniface. You can start to play sports when you're in fifth grade. Some of the players come from other schools. They are able to play because they belong to our parish and participate in faith ... Read More »

My Amazing 8th Grade Boys Volleyball Experience by Brady Vance

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/21/19

My 8th grade St. Boniface volleyball experience was one that I will never forget. On the 2018 St. Boniface 8th grade volleyball team there were a total of eight players. These eight players were Andres Fernandez, Henry Kelley, Charlie McQuestion, Alex Koeferl, Zachary Koeferl, Charlie Taschler, and Brady Vance. ... Read More »

Zoo Day Is the Best Day by Isabel Laubenheimer

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/18/19

What's a better way to spend a school day than at the zoo? That's what St. Boniface School got to do on Friday, September 28. The whole school got to take the day off from classes and travel to the Milwaukee County Zoo. We got into groups, each chaperoned ... Read More »

Do You Dig It? by Ava Nikolay

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/16/19

Volleyball, for some people, is just a sport. Volleyball, to them, is just an activity to pass the time. But at St. Boniface, it is a passion.

For the 2018 eighth grade girls’ volleyball team, we had ten girls—including me—who were tight-knit friends and had good chemistry as a ... Read More »

The Lifelong Sport by Zachary Koeferl

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/14/19

Most kids usually want to play on phones or Playstations or Xboxes, but kids should go outside and be more active. At St. Boniface there are many extracurricular activities. Among them is basketball. At St. Boniface School, students in the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade can participate in ... Read More »

Our School, Our Voice by Matthew Eskritt

Posted by Jody Banner on 1/10/19

“Wow, this year is going to be so much different from last year,” is what Elizabeth Heerhold, our student council vice president, had to say about student council at the start of the year. I, President Matthew Eskritt, agree with her in the sense that this year is going ... Read More »