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Letter to the amazing faculty and staff at St Boniface by Jody Banner

Posted by Jody Banner on 2/14/19

Throughout life, you count your blessings - soulmates, kids, family, friends, community, etc. My husband and I count St Boniface and their dedicated teachers and staff as part of those blessings. You manage to keep my kids grounded yet encourage them to reach for the stars. And, for that, ... Read More »

The Madness of March Madness by Henry Kelley

Posted by Jody Banner on 2/11/19

March Madness is a very unique event St. Boniface School holds. The tournament takes place every year in March in the gymnasium after school. It's a fun event that brings the kids together. The money raised from this tournament goes towards eighth grade graduation. Kids in grades 5th through ... Read More »

St. Boniface’s Amazing Field Day! By Katie-Linn Clement

Posted by Jody Banner on 2/08/19

Students at St. Boniface School get very excited for the end-of-the-year fun! One of the things that we do at the end of the year is Field Day. It is a very exciting day!  

Field day is led by the seventh graders and Mrs. Wollner in the last ... Read More »

Helping Others by Taylor Carey

Posted by Jody Banner on 2/06/19

Giving back to our community and other people is very important to us at St. Boniface School. One way we give back is by doing service for others. On Thursdays, my 8th grade class and I have a class period called Service. Sometimes, we all participate as a group ... Read More »

St. Boniface Grandparents Day Adventure by Alex Koeferl

Posted by Jody Banner on 2/04/19

Have you ever wanted your grandparents to come to school with you? Here at St. Boniface School, you can--on Grandparents Day. Each year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, St. Boniface is filled with special visitors on an unusual day. Grandparents Day is fun for everyone because everyone from the school ... Read More »

The Emotional Field Trip by Izabella Grossi

Posted by Jody Banner on 2/01/19

Have you ever been on a field trip where people cried? Well, I have. This year the 5th through 8th graders went to see Les Miserables (Les Mis) in November. The play was produced at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School (DSHA).  Each grade was chaperoned by their homeroom ... Read More »