5th/6th Grade Boys Volleyball by Dominic Grossi

Hi, I’m Dominic Grossi, and I love St.Boniface volleyball.

Here at St.Boniface School, the 5th/6th grade team is made up of 10 amazing boys. Our awesome coaches are Coach Banner, and Coach Hames. Our coaches motivate us by cheering us on and telling us over and over, “Good body language! Hustle!  Focus!”

To join volleyball, players must have their parents register and pay a small fee. This is an easy way to be a part of such a great team. Practices take place at the St. Boniface School gym, and league games take place at home and other schools in the Archdiocese. I got involved playing volleyball because I liked the sport and decided, ”Well, what the heck?” The volleyball season takes place in fall right when school starts. In order to become a St. Boniface volleyball player, simply sign up, learn the game in practice, then go to tournaments and play weekly league games.

I think volleyball is a fun sport and playing it keeps me active. It teaches me good sportsmanship, and how to trust my teammates. Volleyball makes me feel awesome because I feel great when I make a serve over the net; and it makes me feel proud about myself. Others should play volleyball because it is very fun and teaches valuable life lessons.

Volleyball is special to our school because St.Boniface has a history of good sportsmanship and teams. Our community plays a big part in volleyball because lots of people attend our games and it forms friendships between families. St. Boniface school is so very fortunate to have such great participation with our 5th/6th grade boys volleyball program. Anyone in grades 5-8 that wants to join volleyball can visit our athletic page, at www.stbonifacewi.org/volleyball.


  • Jim YudisPosted on 11/19/18

    Well said Dom!