7th Grade Christmas Carol Trip by Nick Humphriss

In 7th grade ELA class, you read a lot of novels. The novel that you read before Christmas break is A Christmas Carol. This is a book that teaches people about the spirit of Christmas. When we were done reading the book, Mrs. Nilles, our ELA teacher, took my class and I to the Pabst Theater in downtown Milwaukee on December 13. The field trip is only seventh grade, so we had a whole bus to ourselves on the way there and on the way back.

After Thanksgiving, my class and I started to read A Christmas Carol. We read a couple chapters, discussed the chapters, and then we did a worksheet about the chapters as homework. When we were done with the book, we got to go to the play. My class and I dressed up and went on a bus to the Pabst Theater. The play was amazing! The people who put the play on have a lot of special effects. There was green mist and many other special effects and there were also a lot of surprises. One seventh grader who went to the play said, “It was one of the best plays I have ever seen.”

When the play was over, we got back on the bus and went to school for a special lunch that was donated by some of our parents. The 7th graders go on this trip every year. This tradition is special to our school because only one class goes on the trip and the trip is to a very nice theater. This play is definitely one of the highlights of 7th grade. In fact, I chose this topic because has been one of my favorite parts of 7th grade! Others should participate in the event to feel the excitement of the play and to have fun with their friends. It makes me feel happy to see a play about the spirit of Christmas.


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