8th Girls basketball at St.Boniface by Avery Hames

Girls basketball is one of the three sports you can participate in at St. Boniface. You can start to play sports when you're in fifth grade. Some of the players come from other schools. They are able to play because they belong to our parish and participate in faith formation. In order to play, you must sign up and pay a small fee.

Most of the girls on our team have been playing since they were in fifth grade. The girls that play on this year's 8th grade team are Bella Poindexter, Olivia Fernandez, Miranda Lefler, Katie-linn Clement, Maggie Durand, Avery Hames, Ava Nikolay, Cora Schalow, and Josie Smith. Our coaches are Mr. Hames, head coach, and Mr. Durand assistant coach. Our coaches are always telling us things like “If I stop yelling that means I have stopped caring!” or “ Hustle, or you’re going to run again!”

We practice at St. Boniface in Sippel Hall, and we play our games at St. Boniface or at another school in the archdiocese. Our basketball season is from the beginning of November to about the beginning of March. Basketball is a great sport that allows the people on the team to bond.  I like basketball because it helps us to learn how to have a strong mind and not to let harsh words ruin things. It's also a good way how to learn how to deal with physical contact and not get overwhelmed by it. Basketball is important to our school because our coaches take the time and effort to teach us and coach us. They care about us learning how to play the sport and how to deal with adversity.


  • Cindy LaubenheimerPosted on 2/08/19

    Nice blog Avery. Sounds like you are having a fun season. I'm sure it's not quite as awesome as volleyball though (LOL). Just kidding. Love the shout-outs to your teammates and coaches too.