All Saints Music by Solomon Lee

Hi, my name is Solomon Lee and I’m in Mrs. Beckers’ fifth grade class.  I do All Saints Music with my friends Dominic and Jack at St. Boniface. The reason why I signed up for band is because even though I play piano right now, I wanted to play something else.

We have All Saints Music every Thursday at school. All you have to do is sign up and pay a fee for the music lessons. Being in band helps me with organization and focus. Here are some of the things we do before going to our lesson: First we have to bring our instruments to school, next we have to wait until the scheduled time for our lesson, finally we get to practice and play our instruments. I know I liked playing instruments and I know that other kids like to play instruments too. My friend Dominic said, “I like having fun and learning new skills.”

A few reasons why I like doing band is that Mr. Corey Klunk, our band teacher, is very nice, it is nice to learn about our instruments and how to play them, and we get to get better and better at it if we practice. Whenever I go to my lessons it makes me feel happy because I get to learn and focus - when I’m trying to get better at a part I focus and practice and then I’m successful. What makes the All Saints Music lessons so special is that at the end of the year we get to play the pieces that we have learned during the school year in front of the school. You should come to St. Boniface and do the All Saints Music lessons!


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