An Experience That Will Last a Lifetime by Samantha Norris


One group that I have been a part of while at St. Boniface has been Girl Scouts. The troop I am in started when we were first-grade Daisies and now we are seventh-grade Cadets. We meet at different times throughout the school year for meetings and activities at St. Boniface. My troop has been around for seven amazing years and I am so happy for having the privilege to be a part of this amazing group of girls!

My troop, sadly, is the only Girl Scout Troop at St. Boniface School. There used to be many more troops, but they no longer exist because girls have graduated, split apart, don’t want to participate, lost interest, or don’t have any troop leaders. To have a troop there needs to be at least one girl who wants to be a Girl Scout and a troop leader. There may only be one troop at our school, but we are all extremely lucky that we have been able to stick together throughout the years. There are five people, total, in the seventh-grade troop (not including our leaders and our cookie captain): Lucy, Hannah, Madelyn, Olivia, and me. Some others have come and gone, but we all have enjoyed the ride. One thing that has stayed the same is our leaders: Mrs. Malkiewicz and Mrs. Delfield, and our cookie captain, my mom, Mrs. Norris.

I remember one of the first meetings we had as a Troop. We made our own Daisy shirts that we wore for our meetings that year. Throughout the years, we have done so many fun activities as a troop. One major project that we have done is giving our school’s outdoor classroom a new face. We put so many hours of hard work and dedication into the outdoor classroom so everyone in our school could enjoy it. This is one of the reasons that Girl Scouts is so special to St. Boniface. This project even helped us achieve our Bronze Award through Girl Scouts! Other activities that we have done are caroling, playing bingo, make crafts, and selling cookies at the Gables, a nursing home in Germantown. We have participated at STEM Fest at Discovery World, Juliette Low Rally as the country China, a sleepover at Discovery World, and even helped out the Knights of Columbus for their chili dinner. We also have spent some time creating our own art pieces at Glaze, building cedar planter boxes for our families, and having our own cookie exchange this past Christmas.  

One of my personal favorite activities, which Girl Scouts are most known for, is Girl Scout Cookies! Once a year, we get to say, “It’s that time of year again!” or “It’s cookie time!” A lot of people who do not participate in Girl Scouts think selling Girl Scout cookies doesn’t really teach us anything or benefit anyone in any way (besides the fact that you get your cookies), but really it teaches the girls a lot of things. Some of these things are business ethics, decision making, goal setting, money management, and people skills. The cookie sales help keep our troop self-sufficient. All of our expenses throughout the year are covered by our sale. Hannah, a Girl Scout at St. Boniface stated, “Girls Scouts teaches you valuable leadership and teamwork lessons that you will need in the future.” We will not always be a troop, but what we learned through our experience selling cookies will help us as we get older.

I chose this topic because I have been a part of Girl Scouts for seven whole years now. I have always loved being a Girl Scout and I always will love it. Girl Scouts is an amazing adventure to experience. It teaches girls life skills that they will need for the real world and may not learn in school or at home; this is what makes Girl Scouts so special. I personally feel that every girl should have the opportunity to experience being a Girl Scout.


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