Awesome Art Club by Anne Drinan

Hi, my name is Anne Drinan and I love St. Boniface Art Club.

Mrs. Uecker, my art teacher, is in charge and all students in grades 1-8 are able to sign up for St. Boniface Art Club.

To sign up, just go to the email that has been sent, figure out which projects you want to do, and get ready to do some amazing things.

Right after the dismissal bell rings, I hurry to the S.T.E.M lab for a delicious snack. After the snack, we go across the hall to the art room to get started. Right now we are in the process of finishing up a mosaic masterpiece. For this project we chose an initial, a crown, or a heart, as the shape (I chose a “D” for my last initial), then we laid specially chosen tiles onto the shape, glued them down, and grouted it.

Art club typically happens around a special holiday, for a special project. It happens on Tuesdays for fifth through eighth graders, and Wednesdays for first through fourth graders.

Art club makes me feel creative and happy about myself. I am so grateful I can express my talent forever. By “forever” I mean in the future, I am going to live my dream of being a photographer. I feel everyone should participate in Art Club to connect with friends, have fun, and make new friends, too. It has inspired me to live my dream.

St. Boniface students are very lucky to have such a fun activity to do after school, and lucky to have such an amazing art teacher, too. Mrs. Uecker also enjoys art club, and said, “I love that the kids come to express their talent of art.”  St. Boniface may be a small school, but we are a friendly and close school.

In all, you should have your child go to our St. Boniface Art Club, so he/she can be creative, happy, and increase their love for art.


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