Be Fast in Track by Olivia Fernandez

In spring, St. Boniface students team up with other students from Holy Angels and St. Gabriel for a new and exciting track season. It’s full of jumping, running, throwing, and more! Last year’s amazing coach was Beth Krause. In track girls and boys of 5th grade to 8th are able to join. It’s only one of the fun sports here at St. Boniface.

This exhilarating sport is where you can increase your speed and jump while making friends. In track, we learn how to run with the correct form and how to increase speed. Track practice is after school in St. Boniface’s beautiful gym or outside if it’s nice. Runners can pick their race! There are many different types of race--the 100 meter dash to the 1600 meter dash. “Track is a great way to get physical exercise and compete,” says Nick Humphris, a 7th grader sprinter. There are group races too! The 100 relay race is with 4 people; each person runs 100 meters. To run in a relay, one person starts off holding a baton, a cylinder-shape stick, and once they see their teammate in front of them they pass off the baton to them. Each teammate passes it to each other until all of them has run 100 meters. Do not drop the baton. If you do, then your team is disqualified from the race.

Besides running, there are field competitions. Some are disc, long jump, and softball throw. For 6th thru 8th grade kids can compete in the high jump. 7th and 8th graders can do shot put. Shot put is where you hold a 6-pound metal ball and then put it on one hand and push it up and outwards. Meets are where the whole track team does a series of races at different times in a day. At the end of the meet, everyone gathers on the field and watches the award ceremony. In our track meets we compete against other schools in the area. “My favorite part about track is the meets because you get to hang out with your friends all day,” says Wyatt Drummy a 7th grader runner.

Even though there is no girls-only track, it is still fun running with all your girl and guy friends. “It was great! I made lots of friends and the meets were fun!” says Sofia Fernandez a St. Boniface graduate and former track runner. Join St. Boniface’s track team where you can make friends, become faster, and push yourself.


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