Bonifest by Conrad Stuesser

Bonifest, which is held at St. Boniface school, is a very good time to have fun and meet new people. It is a festival to bring more people to our school. There are many games for kids and adults to play. There is also a tent for food and drink and there are bands that play. Personally, I have never seen a family mad when they left. It is always on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Labor Day weekend and there are things for everyone to do.

A committee of volunteers is in charge of running Bonifest. They hire a company to set the tents up and volunteers help set up the activities. Parishioners run Bonifest to raise money for St. Boniface. It is free to get in, and anyone can come, even people who know nothing about St. Boniface. Most of the events take place in the St. Boniface parking lot, but other events are in the school and down by our soccer field.

I chose this topic because I want people to know about St. Boniface and support my school. I also want people to know how fun it is and how everyone leaves with a smile. The event is great because it brings people together and helps people get to know different people. There is a game tent for kids to play and win prizes. It always makes me feel happy when Bonifest is going on because I get to hang out with my friends. There are also raffles that people can join, and there are a variety of items that you could win. A long-time participant of Bonifest, Marian Stuesser, says, “Bonifest is all about faith, family, and friendship.” Lots of happiness comes out of Bonifest also.


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