Chess Club by Ana Banner

Hi, my name is Ana Banner, and I love Chess Club at St Boniface school.  The chess teacher, Mrs. Beckers, has been teaching Chess Club for 2 years, and she is the BEST!  She is also the 5th grade teacher, and she volunteers to teach the biweekly club.  When I first learned to play chess I could barely move a piece, it was embarrassing, but now I don’t have to worry because I have learned so much from being in Chess Club.  The best part is the players that rank first each week get a prize! Plus, we are having a tournament this year!

On a chess board there are 16 white pieces and 16 black pieces there are 32 pieces in all. The pieces are, the Pawn (the first move you can move two spaces forward or just one), the Rook (can move in a straight line), the Knight (can move like an L), the Bishop (can move diagonally), the Queen (can move diagonally and in straight line), and the King (can move one space). Playing chess is much more complicated than just learning how to move the pieces, but knowing that is a start.  To sign up for this outstanding club please contact Mrs. Beckers.

Chess club
Have fun
Everyone participates


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