Do You Dig It? by Ava Nikolay

Volleyball, for some people, is just a sport. Volleyball, to them, is just an activity to pass the time. But at St. Boniface, it is a passion.

For the 2018 eighth grade girls’ volleyball team, we had ten girls—including me—who were tight-knit friends and had good chemistry as a team. Our coaches were Coach Durand, Coach Laubenheimer, and Coach Smith. One of our goals was to make the Elizabeth Ann Seton Tournament, which we accomplished, making Division 1. Throughout our years of volleyball, we have grown closer and learned better sportsmanship.

Any St. Boniface or Faith Formation students from grades five to eight may participate, and, usually, parents will volunteer to coach. All you need to do is fill out a registration form and pay a small fee—a small sacrifice for such a great experience. Practices are held at Sippel Hall in St. Boniface School. League games take place over the weekend either at St. Boniface or other schools in the Archdiocese. The volleyball season lasts from late August to October.

I chose to write about volleyball because it is my favorite sport, and I absolutely love it. Volleyball helps with communication, strategic thinking, trusting your teammates, tenacity, determination, and accepting your mistakes. It helps you stay active and will help improve your reaction time and hand-eye coordination. There are no exact words to describe how I feel about volleyball. I love the adrenaline when there’s a good rally. Whenever the team gets a good pass or hit, I’d take that feeling over a king-size candy bar any day of the week! Volleyball helps me with my hustle, and it makes me feel powerful like I have control instead of being helpless. It teaches me patience, dedication, and a sense of belonging because everyone on that team loves volleyball, just like me.

St. Boniface volleyball has a long history of good sportsmanship and fair games. Parents come to support us, and during tournaments or Seton, a lot of students, parents, or teachers come to watch. It creates a sense of family at St. Boniface school. I’m very fortunate to have an amazing volleyball program, where I first learned from Coach Durand that there’s “no I in team.”


  • Kim DurandPosted on 1/18/19

    Ava, it was absolute pleasure to coach you and all the girls on the team. We all see the passion you have for this sport. I am excited to watch you continue to grow and develop as a player and young adult. We (the coaches and players) were blessed with supportive parents. I am humbled to know we made a difference in your years at St Boniface.

  • Andrea CareyPosted on 1/16/19

    Great article, Ava! I know how much you love volleyball, and your excitement for the sport really shows in this piece. It was very well written and really tells the story of the importance of volleyball here at St. Boniface! Nice job