Fantastic 7th Grade Boys Volleyball by Alex Kesler

The St. Boniface 7th grade boys’ volleyball team had eight players on it. There were two from our school and the rest were from faith formation. We started practicing before the 2018-2019 school year even started. We had practice on Mondays and Thursdays. We practiced for about a month before we played our first game.

We started playing league games at the end of September. Our team was 5 and 7 in the league. There were a bunch of close calls, and some of them even affected us from winning. It was really sad that our team lost, but we knew that the mistakes that we made could be fixed. We did just that and we might have won or we might have made more mistakes that we could fix to make sure we win the next one.

Then came the tournaments! Our team played in two tournaments:  St. Mary’s and our own. We didn’t get too far in either of them, but the ones at St. Boniface were the closest games I have ever seen! The scores were 29 to 27, sometimes in our favor and sometimes not. We lost both of them either way, but I know we can do better next year.

After all of the tournaments, we played a couple more league games until the season was over with at the end of October. Although we lost many games, our team still had a lot of fun playing the sport. After the last practice, we got two weeks of rest before we started rough and tough basketball, but that’s a different article!


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