Field Trip to Discovery World by Wyatt Drummy

As a student of St. Boniface, you receive the privilege of going on numerous field trips. Some have included the Milwaukee Art Museum, Pabst Theater, and Discovery World. At the end of January 2018, to celebrate Catholic Schools Week, the middle school went to Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was a very fun field trip and we went in groups to do different things. I had such a great time there that my family went back again.

I recommend going to Discovery World because it is a great experience for the family. There were many cool exhibits, but we mainly stayed in the technology section, which I would recommend for those who like simulators. My next favorite part was the aquarium exhibit where you were able to pet stingray and sturgeon. The temperature difference for the water was huge. The water for the sturgeon is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while the water for the stingray was 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Then my final favorite part is the upstairs. While upstairs you get to see how water is filtered, explore a ship, and see how leverage works.

When we went around Discovery World, we had groups that were lead by teachers. My group leader was Miss Grossman because she is the 6th grade teacher, and we were in the 6th grade. Not only did I have a great time but so did all my friends. One of my classmates, Olivia, said, “It was a fun experience to walk around with friends and do a bunch of hands-on projects.”  

In conclusion, Discovery World is a great place to go to with friends at school and loved ones. Not only Discovery World, but all places in general. If you are around those who you are friends with, you can enjoy any site. There are numerous activities to keep you entertained. All of these reasons bring me to the conclusion that the field trips at St. Boniface are some of the best.


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