First Grade Friends by Spencer Mueller

Hi, my name is Spencer Mueller and I am a 5th grader in Mrs. Beckers’ class, at St. Boniface School in Germantown, Wisconsin. I have been going to St. Boniface for 2 years now. There are so many things to do here, and one of them is that the 5th graders read to the 1st graders three times a week in the morning.  On those days we go to Mrs. Corsten’s first grade class to read to the kids. When we walk in she always says, “Alright first graders come get your Close Readers and find a buddy.” Then, the first graders get their Close Reader books, find a fifth grader, get their pencil and get assigned a story that we read to them. We read each of the pages to them, then ask them questions about what we read.

I like to read to them because it makes me feel happy that I’m helping a first grader learn and to read, and share the joys of reading with them. I like to feel like a teacher helping his or her students learn how to read. Not many schools have this but we are lucky at St. Boniface because we get the opportunity to do it. I think that it helps the first graders learn to pay attention, it helps with their writing skills, and finally, it helps them learn new words. If you have a first or a fifth grader you should come to St.Boniface so your child can join in on the fun.


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