Happy Thanksgiving by Eileen Evans-Paul


Thanksgiving is here! I’m not sure about anyone else but it sure snuck up on our family. Halloween decorations have disappeared in favor of the Thanksgiving turkeys, pilgrims, and cornucopias. It seems fitting that we get this opportunity to take a minute and give thanks for what we have before we move on to the madness of the Christmas season.

At our last School Commission meeting, we talked about #GivingTuesday and promoting it for the parish and school. For those that do not know, #GivingTuesday is a social media movement aimed at taking a step back after the madness of Black Friday and spending on “stuff” it’s a way for churches, nonprofits and various charities to take the spotlight and remind people that it’s a good thing to give back in this world. So of course, you will be seeing reminders and posting from St. Boniface reminding us of #GivingTuesday, but really this whole #GivingTuesday could be so much more.

Giving back means a lot of things to a lot of people. Sometimes the best way we can give back is to share our talents. So, for this #GivingTuesday I propose the following:

  • Some people are really good at giving money, and if that’s your thing, by all means, give away! Here is a link for you! https://stbonifacewi.weshareonline.org/
  • Some people have the patience of a saint. Consider giving your time to our school and volunteering in a classroom!
  • Some people are talented at singing or playing an instrument. Consider joining the St. Boniface Choir.
  • Some people are really good at public speaking. Consider becoming a lector at mass.
  • Some people are incredibly talented at throwing a party. Consider volunteering for Bonifest or one of our Auction Committees.

These are just some examples of how #GivingTuesday can really apply to everyone. The gift of money is always appreciated, needed, and welcome, however, the gift of time is the spirit of a thriving parish and school.

Eileen Evans-Paul
School Commission Chair


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