Helping Others by Taylor Carey

Giving back to our community and other people is very important to us at St. Boniface School. One way we give back is by doing service for others. On Thursdays, my 8th grade class and I have a class period called Service. Sometimes, we all participate as a group and other times only a few people are needed to help out. Mrs. Nilles will tell us if anybody in the school needs help with anything, and she will send us to them. A couple examples of things we do in service to others are stuffing bulletins for masses and setting up tables and chairs for special events.

Here at St. Boniface, our whole school also participates in service to others. We have a food pantry near the school entrance, so people who are less fortunate can get the food they need. During the school year, we do food drives to bring in food for our food pantry. We also donate money to the St. Vincent De Paul Society so they can help people get what they need to survive. These are only some of the ways our whole school helps out our community!

I think helping people is very important, and it doesn’t take much to assist someone. Even a small good deed can help a lot of people in a lot of places. Service is great because we all have an amazing opportunity to give back to people and live as Jesus did. It is something everyone can participate in. When I do something for someone, it makes me feel good knowing that I helped or changed their life. One of my classmates, Ava Nikolay, says, “Service helps us spend time being productive. It also helps people out, so it’s a win-win!”

Everyone should participate because it is a good thing to do, and lending someone a helping hand is a simple thing. Service is very special to our school because we are all striving to live like Jesus. Jesus helped people all the time and that is exactly what we are called to do as Christians. Any act of service, big or small can help someone out a lot.


  • Cindy LaubenheimerPosted on 2/08/19

    Love your article Taylor. Well written and very heartfelt. You are an amazing young lady.