Lent 2019 | Pray, Fast, Give by Diana Erlandson

Dear St. Boniface Families,
On March 6, we began our Lenten journey by attending Ash Wednesday mass. Fr. Mike shared a wonderful homily that reminded us that through our own baptisms, we are called to love and care for others. He went on to explain how Lenten observances, if motivated by love, help us strengthen our relationship with Jesus and grow in our faith. What a wonderful message to receive on the first day of Lent! Below is an outline of our Lenten activities. It is my hope that these activities will allow our school community to be a light of hope and faith to others.

Yours In Service,
Diana Erlandson

Knights of Columbus “40 Cans of Lent” Food Drive: We will once again collect food to support St. Boniface’s Knights of Columbus Council food drive. In the spirit of Lent, we have decided to work together instead of competing against each other to achieve our goal. Last year, our school was able to collect 5,697 pounds of food! This year our goal is to collect 5,000 pounds. Each Friday of Lent, we will meet as a school and weigh each grade’s weekly collection. The school total will be calculated and tracked on a large chart located outside of the school office. The Knights of Columbus have pledged to donate money to our school’s Angel Scholarship Fund if we are able to reach our goal. Any help you can provide is much appreciated. Please read the attached guidelines when collecting donations. The “Most Wanted Foods” are the foods our pantry is always in need of, but any donation is appreciated. Prayer Wall: Every day of Lent during morning announcements, a specific intention will be announced. Each student will write his/her personal intention on a strip of purple paper. The strips will be assembled into a prayer chain and the prayer chain will be added to our prayer wall. As we move through Lent, the prayer wall will be an ever-growing physical representation of our prayers. The prayer wall will be located in the front hallway outside of the office. If you have a special intention that you would like added to the wall, tell your child and we would be happy to add it.


Wednesday, March 6 -  Attend Ash Wednesday Mass, 8:00 am in Church
Monday, March 11 - All-School Stations of the Cross, 1:30 pm in Church
Friday, March. 15 - First food donation weigh-in
Wednesday, March 20 - All-School Stations of the Cross, 12:15 pm in Church
Friday, March 22 - Second food donation weigh-in
Monday, March. 25 - All -School Stations of the Cross, 8:45 am in Church
Tuesday, March 26 - All-School Living Rosary, 1:45 pm in Sippel Hall
Friday, March 29 - Third food donation weigh-in
Thursday, April 4 - All-School Stations of the Cross, 10:00 am in Church
April 3-5 - Students will meet by class with Fr. Mike for Reconciliation
Friday, April 5 - Fourth food donation weigh-in
Thursday, April 8 - All-School Stations of the Cross, 1:30 pm in Church
Friday, April 12 - Fifth food donation weigh-in
Thursday, April 18 - Final food donation weigh-in
Thursday, April 18 - Living Stations of the Cross, 10:15 in Church
(Holy Thursday) Presented by Second/Third Grade

Food Drive Guidelines

“Most Wanted” Foods
● Children’s Sweetened Breakfast Cereal
● Canned Fruit (Especially mandarin oranges and apple sauce)
● Strawberry and Grape Jelly
● Baked Beans
● Spaghetti Sauce
● Sloppy Joe Sauce
● Vegetable Oil
● Complete Pancake Mix
● Syrup
● Ketchup
● Instant White Rice

Items Not Needed (Our food pantry is blessed with an abundance!)
● Dried Lentils
● Beans (black, garbanzo, etc.)
● Peanut Butter
● Green Beans
● Corn
● Cranberry
● Pumpkin

The Food Pantry Cannot Accept the Following Donations:
● Any bulk items weighing over 10lbs. (flour, rice, sugar etc.)
● Bottled/Jugs of Water
● Kool-Aid based juice drinks


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