Letter to the amazing faculty and staff at St Boniface by Jody Banner

Throughout life, you count your blessings - soulmates, kids, family, friends, community, etc. My husband and I count St Boniface and their dedicated teachers and staff as part of those blessings. You manage to keep my kids grounded yet encourage them to reach for the stars. And, for that, I want to say thank you.

I will never forget the day that I knew I made the right decision with choosing St Boniface. Our son came home from K4 and was telling me about his day. That day the teacher took them to "GOD'S HOUSE!". He also had lunch, 2 recesses, colored, etc. But, what left an impression was 'God's House'. He was so excited and all he talked about was all the details that he learned that was shared with him about God's House. Our family goes to mass every week yet the way the teachers talked to that 4-year-old and the impression that was made, we knew that we made the right decision. Over the course of the past 6 years, we continue to be reassured that our decision to send our children to St Boniface is the best for our family.

As our kids have been enjoying the activities of Catholic Schools Week, I wanted to take the time to say 'THANK YOU'! Thank you for not just coming to work and putting the hours in and leaving. Thank you for the early meetings with us, the extra emails about what my kids were up to and the extra notes on their homework. Thank you for keeping them accountable and holding them to their capabilities. Thank you for the late nights and weekends of grading papers, flipping pancakes for Breakfast with Santa and catching a sports event for the kids. Finally, thank you for hugging and loving my child when they need comfort when we cannot.

You are one of our blessings as we truly see you as one of God's gifts to us. Your time and dedication do not go unnoticed even though our thanks is not always vocalized.

Jody Banner

St Boniface Parent & Volunteer


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