My Amazing 8th Grade Boys Volleyball Experience by Brady Vance

My 8th grade St. Boniface volleyball experience was one that I will never forget. On the 2018 St. Boniface 8th grade volleyball team there were a total of eight players. These eight players were Andres Fernandez, Henry Kelley, Charlie McQuestion, Alex Koeferl, Zachary Koeferl, Charlie Taschler, and Brady Vance. Our coaches were Coach Koeferl and Coach McQuestion. Both of these coaches are great at teaching the team how to play the game, and, at the same time, they allowed us to have fun.

When you play volleyball for St. Boniface you devote much after school-time to volleyball. Most teams have two practices a week that are two hours long at the St. Boniface Gym. On the weekends, there are regular season games at night. The coach signs the team up for a couple of tournaments. If you are in 8th grade and you do well enough, you could be invited to the Seton Tournament, which is a huge honor. When you play games, some will be at St. Boniface and others will be at other teams’ schools. We’re lucky because our school provides an amazing gym that is one of the biggest gyms in our league.

I chose this topic because my favorite year of volleyball was my eighth grade year. In my opinion, volleyball is one of the best sports in the world. Through the entire season I was so happy to be playing for such an amazing team. Others should play because at St. Boniface we have great teamwork, and, as Coach Koeferl said, “teamwork wins games.”


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