Our Adopted Daughter from Uganda by Lucy Malkiewicz

“I love that we sponsor Flavia because it is important that we help others in need,” said Tiffany Cervantes, a seventh grade student at St. Boniface School. For ten years St. Boniface Parish and School has raised money and sponsored a girl from Uganda named Flavia Naluminsa. Flavia became an orphan in Uganda before she was four years old. Flavia lives with her grandmother and her brothers because her parents died of AIDS disease. She goes to Stella Maris Boarding School in Uganda, Africa, which is a Catholic school for girls. Throughout the year, St. Boniface School has hosted fundraisers that help raise money for our sister Flavia.

The money that St. Boniface School and Parish have raised is used for Flavia’s education, food, clothes, medical, and other needs. The students here at St. Boniface School have done so many things to raise money for Flavia. There are days where the students have to bring a dollar for Flavia in order to be out of uniform. The students have also collected school supplies, made a quilt, and sent a ton of letters to Uganda for Flavia.

The letters, the quilt, and a lot of the fundraisers are handled by Mrs. Beckers, the fifth grade teacher at St. Boniface. The most recent fundraiser that St. Boniface School has done is the Penny War. It was so crazy and fun! So many of the classes had buckets full of pennies. In the end, the Kindergarten class had the highest amount of money. The majority of the money we raised during the Penny War was given to Flavia for all of her needs.

I have always loved that St. Boniface sponsors and raises money for Flavia. Doing all of these fundraisers and sending her gifts shows me just how much St. Boniface School loves and cares about Flavia. I always participate in the events we do here for Flavia because it makes me feel like I am really helping someone who doesn’t have everything that I was blessed to have. Flavia is and will always be our adopted daughter from Uganda, which is why she is in our prayers and in our hearts. We will continue to care for her, and she will always be a part of the St. Boniface Parish and School family.


  • Joanna GrossiPosted on 3/20/19

    Watching Flavia grow into a fine young lady over these last few years has been a joy! We skyped with her a few years ago and showed her snow for the first time - her reaction and the students' reactions was amazing.