Our Fun Field Trip to Madison by Carsen Dulak

Madison is a great place to take a field trip such as our class did. The capitol in Madison is one of our nation's many state capitals around the country. Our class and two other grades went there to see all that the capital does and has in it. We had such an amazing and fun time at the capitol.

This traditional field trip takes place in spring. We take a really nice coach bus to the Capitol and Camp Randall for the all-day field trip. We got back later in the day after school ended. As a fifth grader, it was pretty awesome to be in the Wisconsin Capitol. It was so amazing to see how tall the building was. In one of the rooms in the capitol, the entire room was made out of gold. The tour guides told us how much gold and how much the building cost to make, and it was a tremendous amount of money. The capitol building in Madison is just an amazing sight to see for all ages. We even got to sit where all of the representatives sit in a meeting.

We then went to Camp Randall, which is the University of Wisconsin Badgers’ home stadium. We got to walk around the stadium and in it. When we were walking down a hallway they showed us some pictures and Braeden S. said, “These pictures are weird but cool.” They told us, “This scoreboard is the size of a NBA basketball court!”, but Nick H. disagreed. He said, “No way is this scoreboard the size of NBA basketball court!” He still doesn't agree to this day, but it is really big!

This field trip was probably the best field trip I have ever been on. It was full of history and fun at the same time. St. Boniface staff did a great job choosing such a tremendous field trip for fourth and fifth graders.


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