Our School, Our Voice by Matthew Eskritt

“Wow, this year is going to be so much different from last year,” is what Elizabeth Heerhold, our student council vice president, had to say about student council at the start of the year. I, President Matthew Eskritt, agree with her in the sense that this year is going to be very different but also better than ever. The St. Boniface Student Council is open to all students who are in fifth through eighth grade. There are four main officer positions: secretary, treasurer, vice president, and president. The secretary takes notes on the meetings, the treasurer keeps track of how much money is earned from fundraisers, and I, the president, with Vice President Heerhold, lead the meetings. The rest of the student council members act as representatives and represent first through eighth grade. We’re supervised by three amazing teachers: Ms. Uecker, Miss Dallman, and Miss Justesen.

Student council meetings take place once per month on the first Wednesday of the month. They take place immediately after school and end at 3:30 PM. So, at the end of the school day, we all go to Miss J’s room, which is where we meet. Usually, the meetings will start with either Secretary Kenna B. or me taking attendance. Then, we discuss future fundraisers and events that we should volunteer at because they’re sponsored by student council. The discussions usually take up most of the meeting because of the decision-making process, but if there’s a fundraiser that we have to prepare for, then we will prepare for it during the meeting. Sometimes we will extend the length of the meeting because of this, but a little extra time spent making a difference is something that makes us all feel good about ourselves and about others.

This is the great thing about the student council here at St. Boniface. All of us want a chance to make a difference in our school and in our community. We are called as Christians to do this, and we get our chance to fulfill this calling at student council. Opportunities to really make a difference in our community sometimes come once in a blue moon because a lot of us don’t have a lot of spare time, so without the student council, almost none of us would get an opportunity to make the difference that we’re called to make. Something that’s unique about student council is that it’s completely non-competitive. At other larger schools, students may heavily compete for a certain position in their student government. That competitiveness doesn’t exist here since we have a smaller school, so most students get the position that they want.

At the end of the day, the student council exists only so that we can make our school and community a better place. Without our drive to do this as students and without our teachers wanting to see us thrive as people, there would be no student council. Together, we strive to make a positive impact on our school through things like fundraisers and volunteering at activities outside of school. Personally, it makes me feel great when I’m making this impact. This is also the reason why I chose this topic as my blog post: because I wanted to share with you the good things that we’re doing. I would highly recommend joining because of this, and also because joining will help to develop your role as a leader. Today, leadership skills are very necessary, but not many people have them developed to a suitable level for life. Personally, I would love to see the students of this school step up and become the leaders that God wants them to become.


  • Cindy LaubenheimerPosted on 1/19/19

    Great article Matthew! Thanks for helping to make a difference at St. Boniface.