Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot! by Maria Sapida

Hi, my name is Maria Sapida, and I am in Mrs. Beckers’ 5th grade class at St. Boniface School. I think the Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament is amazing!

Every year at St. Boniface there is a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament. All grades and teachers can participate and join in on the fun! Cassie Fox, grade five, who participates every year says, “My favorite thing about the Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament is playing the exciting game and cheering on my friends!” To enter this thrilling competition, students just have to pay a three dollar donation to Mrs. Beckers so she can set the brackets. All the money goes to support Flavia, St. Boniface’s sponsor child, who lives in Uganda, and attends at Stella Maris, an all girls boarding school.

The first part of the tournament is when students play against a classmate in their same grade. This takes place in his\her’s main classroom. If a student wins great, but it’s ok if they lose, too. They still can get a prize for winning or losing! Also if they lose, they can still cheer on their friends and teachers! The next round is about a week later in Sippel Hall and this time students can compete against other grades and teachers. Finally at the end of the thrilling match, the last two players play the last game and whoever wins gets a trophy! Our Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament allows kids to have an amazing time and be supportive to others.

This is just one of many events at St. Boniface and everyone is a winner, especially Flavia. The tournament is hosted by the fifth graders and their teacher, Mrs. Beckers, and it starts in December. See you there!


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