Set It Up by Elizabeth Heerhold

 When you go into volleyball for the first time you think it is like any other sport, with a team, a common goal to win, and, most importantly, fun, but you come out with much more than that.

Any girl from 5th grade to 7th grade who go to St. Boniface or are in Faith Formation can join the team. We had nine girls on our team this season. They included Isabelle Barger, Tiffany Cervantes, Madelyn Delfield, Olivia Fernandez, Bree Gardipee, Lucy Malkiewicz, Samantha Norris, Hannah Paul, and myself. We have two coaches, Coach Norris, and Coach Evans. They led us to be an undefeated team in our league this season.

To sign up all you have to do is fill out the registration forms and pay a fee to cover expenses like uniforms. Practices are from August to October. We have two practices a week during that time in Sippel Hall inside St. Boniface School.  Games start during September. We have games and tournaments at St. Boniface and other Catholic schools in Wisconsin.

I am writing about this topic because I love volleyball, and I think it is a great sport for building team bonds and teamwork. You can have a team that gets along really well, but to have teamwork you need to act as one mind, and not separate minds, to achieve your goals. It is also competitive, and it always keeps you moving. One of the most amazing things about volleyball is that you end up getting a family out of it. You also learn to work together, and you get the comforting feeling that you always have your teammates backs and they have yours. Volleyball makes you work on communications, patience, sportsmanship, and many more important life skills. “Volleyball is fun because you get to be part of a team and learn the value of teamwork,” says Hannah Paul. Volleyball, for me, is a way to get my mind off other things like drama, school, or classmates. It makes me forget my worries while I do it.

Others should play volleyball because it keeps you active and it teaches you how to work with others as a team. Teamwork and sportsmanship are very important and volleyball is a great way to learn both of them. You learn how to work with others and, if you are competitive like me, that winning isn’t everything and that having fun is even more important.

It is special because even families and people who aren’t on the team come to support us every time we play. They cheer us on and show our school spirit. It is one of the ways that shows what a big and close family St. Boniface really is.


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