St. Boniface 8th Grade Ballers by Andres Fernandez

Do you have a great three point shot? Do you have an unstoppable layup? Do you have a lights-out mid-range shot? Do you have lockdown defense? St. Boniface has an amazing basketball program and welcomes any parishioner above 4th grade and below high school. One of the parish’s teams is the 8th grade boys basketball team, the St. Boniface Eagles. I am currently part of this basketball team, and we are preparing for another successful season this winter. The Eagles in the 2018-2019 season are led by Head Coach Beau Coulter and Assistant Coaches Ken Ubert and Dirk McQuestion. On the team, there are eight players on the roster. They are Dillon Walker, Mikey Ubert, Andres Fernandez, Henry Kelley, Conrad Stuesser, Charlie McQuestion, Alec Greenmeier, and Carter Coulter. League games for the Eagles usually take place on Saturdays, and our tournaments are usually played on the weekends and school nights. Practices take place twice a week. The St. Boniface 8th grade boys team is a very accomplished team.

As a recap of our last season as seventh graders, the Eagles’ record in league play was 9 wins to 3 losses, and it was enough to take third in the league. We played in four tournaments and won three out of the four. The boys played our first tournament in the St. Boniface tournament and took first place. We then went to play in the St. Anthony’s on the Lake tournament and took second. After this, we made our way to the St. Mary’s Hales Corners tournament to take first place. After winning that, we would then go to play in the Blessed Sacrament tournament.

The Blessed Sacrament tournament was the most important tournament of the whole year for the Eagles. It would determine the seeding for the huge tournament that we would play in next year, called Padre Serra. In all of St. Boniface’s history, an Eagles team has never won a Padre Serra for boys or girls. The Eagles knew we needed to win the Blessed Sacrament tournament, so we tried as hard as we could to get that number one seed for Padre Serra. We won the tournament! This means that we will be seeded number one for the 2018-2019 Padre Serra tournament.

This 8th grade basketball team is special to St. Boniface because we have a very good chance at winning the Padre, which no other St. Boniface boys team has done. We went on a hot streak at the end of the season to go 21-0, including our tournament and league games. During the middle of the season, Coach Beau said, “If you guys go undefeated, I will buy you all dinner.” The Eagles ended up going undefeated for the rest of the season, and Coach lost his bet. He took us to A&W for our dinner.

My favorite sport is basketball. I think other people should play basketball because it really helps work on teamwork. Basketball isn’t a sport where one person can carry the whole team to be successful. Basketball needs and relies on everyone to chip in and do their part. Basketball also allows people to form “families,” which is what it has done for me too. I think of my teammates as a family now because we have put so much work spent so much time together. Everyone at St. Boniface is hoping the 2018-2019 8th grade boys basketball team takes them to the top once again.


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