St. Boniface Grandparents Day Adventure by Alex Koeferl

Have you ever wanted your grandparents to come to school with you? Here at St. Boniface School, you can--on Grandparents Day. Each year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, St. Boniface is filled with special visitors on an unusual day. Grandparents Day is fun for everyone because everyone from the school and their grandparents can participate. This fun event is run by the teachers and families of St. Boniface School.

The first thing that happens on Grandparents Day is you find your grandparents in the gym and then head over to church with them.  Once Mass is over, you return to school for snacks such as donuts and juice. After snacks, you give your special guest a tour of the school. Then you can get a picture with them. This year we did something a little different after pictures. We had a variety show! Each kid in middle school got a letter spelling out a word, and then we read a sentence starting with that letter to describe why we are thankful for our grandparents. When every kid held up their letter it spelled out “We are thankful,” and the second one spelled out “Grandparents.” Then the fifth graders put on some jokes for the crowd. The four graders put on a short play that was great. Kids from first to third grade did sign language. The last activity of the day is probably the favorite--Bingo. It is just standard bingo with prizes for winners.

I chose this topic to write about because it is fun for everyone and because most schools do not do it. It makes kids feel good because they get to spend a day celebrating their grandparents and just spending a day with them. Most kids do not see their grandparents a lot except for on holidays, which makes this an extra special day. “Grandparents day is fun and is a great day to spend with your grandparents,” explains Zachary Koeferl.


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