St. Boniface’s Amazing Field Day! By Katie-Linn Clement

Students at St. Boniface School get very excited for the end-of-the-year fun! One of the things that we do at the end of the year is Field Day. It is a very exciting day!  

Field day is led by the seventh graders and Mrs. Wollner in the last week of school. It happens at Homestead Hollow. Each seventh grader has a partner, and they choose one or two activities of their choice for the kindergartners through 4th grade to do. If you are in the K4-4th grade you would do the day as stations, going to each of the stations that the seventh graders have set up. If you are in 5th or 6th grade, there will be one seventh grade group to run all of your activities. That way it is more age appropriate, and everyone can have a good time. After the activities, we have a big kickball game with the 5th-7th graders. At the very end of the day, the seventh graders get to have a giant water balloon fight that the whole school can watch. Sadly, the eighth graders are not part of Field Day because they get out of school a week early.

Last year, I was a seventh grader, and I think that the most fun part of Field Day was the water balloon fight. It was wild! The water balloon fight is only the seventh-grade class, but the rest of the school watches it. During the water balloon fight, everyone is smiling, even the people that are in the audience! It is really fun to watch, but even better to be in the fight!

I liked running a station with my friend Ava. It taught us leadership skills, and we also had a great time. I loved to watch all the kids that were enjoying our station. My friend Taylor Carey says, “Field day is fun for all grade levels.” Field day is one of the many exciting traditions that we do at St. Boniface, and that is why I chose to write about it.

There is no other school with a field day as fun as ours!


  • Cindy LaubenheimerPosted on 2/08/19

    Nice article Katie-Linn!