The Joy of a Christmas Concert by Tiffany Cervantes

Have you ever gone to a Christmas Concert? At St. Boniface School, we have the most creative Christmas concerts. Every year there are different songs and ideas. In 2017, the whole school performed “Silent Night” in sign language. In 2018, we had some people sing solos. One of the girls in K5 sang a sweet song called, “Where Are You Christmas?”. Sometimes parents even participate. This year a parent taught the k5 students how to play the boomwhackers, and then she led the class at the concert.

Miss Burns is in charge of the Christmas concert because she is the music teacher. Normally the concert starts at seven pm, in the gym at St. Boniface school. Once you get to the school you go inside and find your spot to sit. Then people just talk to others or wait patiently until the concert starts. After ten to twenty minutes pass, then the concert starts. Everyone is at their seats. Then the music teacher introduces herself and explains what is going to happen and who is going on the stage. That’s when the kids start performing! Normally the concert starts off with the youngest kids to the oldest. After all the grades are done, then the whole school goes on stage and performs one song altogether. After that, the principle goes on stage and thanks everyone for coming. Lastly, the principal gives the flowers to the music teacher. After that, the concert is over. Everyone starts talking pictures; people talk and then leave.

I chose this topic because I thought it was one of the most popular things to write about. When people go to Christmas concerts they expect lots of kids to sing and have fun. Christmas time is a great time to express joy. This is the time of year that many people are thankful for what they receive and are very thankful to see family. “I love seeing people dressed up in the finest clothing.  The songs were very upbeat and got you in the mode of winter and Christmas,” said Mrs. Grossi, the office secretary.

The good thing about this event is that all friends and family come together to listen to all the music that the kids perform. Going to the concert makes you feel happy about yourself. When I go to the Christmas concert, it makes me feel excited and nervous. I get nervous about performing in front of people, but overall, I still like being at the Christmas concert. Others should participate in joining the school so that all the kids can come up with bigger and better ideas. Having people participate would make the concert even better than it already is. Our school is different and special to other schools because we come up with the most clever ideas for songs and dancing. The school also loves to have new students come to the school and have fun.

In conclusion, I think St. Boniface has great Christmas concerts. Come visit us in December to see what this year’s concert will be like!


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