The Lifelong Sport by Zachary Koeferl

Most kids usually want to play on phones or Playstations or Xboxes, but kids should go outside and be more active. At St. Boniface there are many extracurricular activities. Among them is basketball. At St. Boniface School, students in the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade can participate in this amazing sport. Students that participate in faith formation from those grades can also participate as long as their families are members of St. Boniface Parish. The coaches for the St. Boniface 8th grade boys B team are Coach Vance and Coach Stone. They always help us get better and always encourage us to keep trying. Alex Koeferl, an athlete and basketball player, says, “The coaches are amazing, and they always motivate us.”

To register for basketball you will need to fill out a form on the St. Boniface Parish website under athletics. You will also have to submit a physical form that is submitted to the Archdiocese by your child’s primary physician every other year. Basketball practices are held on school nights in the St. Boniface gym and vary on time and day depending what team you are on. Games may be held at the St. Boniface gym or at other schools in the Archdiocese. Practices start in early November and games begin in December. The 7th-8th grade St.Boniface tournament is held the first week of December, and the 5th-6th grade tournament is held in the last week of February.

At practice, players will learn the plays that they will run, practice drills and skills, do conditioning drills, and may scrimmage at the end of practice. At the league games, teams will have fifteen minutes to warm up before the game. After the warm-up time is over, the game will start and will last about an hour to an hour and a half depending on grade level.

Basketball is my favorite sport. Basketball is fun, fantastic, and fast. It helps to keep me away from all electronics and helps me to focus on a single task given to me. Basketball is a lifelong sport because it can help with life skills such as teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship, learning to be physically active, and learning to apply yourself. Playing basketball makes me feel good because I love the sport and I can help my teammates.

Basketball here at St. Boniface is important because we have a history of having good sportsmanship. Other students should participate because of the skills it helps students learn. Basketball encourages students to be active and participate in a game other than electronic games. If there are any questions regarding basketball you can visit the St. Boniface website at


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