The Madness of March Madness by Henry Kelley

March Madness is a very unique event St. Boniface School holds. The tournament takes place every year in March in the gymnasium after school. It's a fun event that brings the kids together. The money raised from this tournament goes towards eighth grade graduation. Kids in grades 5th through 8th can participate in this event. I participate in this event every year and have a blast. Doing it is so fun because I get to be with my fellow classmates while having fun on the court.

Basketball is my favorite sport and all I have to do is pay five dollars to play in this tournament. It is a 3 v 3 tournament that takes one week to complete. Each team has 3 or 4 players. The parent volunteers who run the tournament try to make the teams as fair as possible. I love playing in this because it is so fun and because every year I have gone to the championship. In my first year, my team won! My second and third year, I lost. As my former teammate Carly Nigro said, though,“it doesn’t matter if we win or lose. All that matters is that we have fun out there.”  I’m looking forward to finding out who’s on my team this year. I hope we can go all the way to the tournament again.

This tournament is a very good chance to work together. It lets you have fun with your friends at school. If you are lucky enough, you can play in the championship on Friday in front of the whole school. From my experience, March Madness is a great St. Boniface tradition.  

This year’s March Madness Tournament will be March 19, 21, and 22. Come check out the action!


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