The Wonderful Works of Mercy Projects by Hannah Paul

Have you ever wondered how you can help your community? In 5th grade at St. Boniface School, you and your class get to pick at least three different ways to help out your community and school. These projects are called the Works of Mercy, since the projects are based on the Works of Mercy. Some ways to help your school or community could be by doing a food drive, raising money for a charity, or by volunteering at your local animal shelter. Then, Mrs. Beckers, the fifth grade teacher,  separates kids into groups depending on which way they want to help our community. Mrs. Beckers helps you and your group select a way to help people and then she lets each group coordinate the event. The projects happen in school and out of school depending on where you want to help out.

When I was in 5th grade there were 4 groups; one donated food to the school’s food pantry, another group went to Ellen’s Home to spend time with the elders, a third group went to donate food to homeless people in Milwaukee, and the last group, the one I was in, read to the little kids. When I was doing this project my group--consisting of Elizabeth Heerhold, Bennett Krause, and Braeden Sinden, and I--got to coordinate the project all by ourselves, which was really fun and interesting. “The Works of Mercy Projects are great to do with your class because you get to help the people in need,” said Madelyn Delfield, who was part of the group that went to Ellen’s Home to spend time with the elders.

I chose this topic because it is a very fun thing that you get to do in 5th grade and you also get to help your community. Other people should come to this school and be part of the event because you get to help out your local community and school. The Works of Mercy Projects are special to our school because they are a great example of what a Catholic is. “The Works of Mercy Projects gave me a taste of the real world, asking adults over the phone about donating food to homeless shelters,” said Olivia Fernandez, who was part of the group that made sandwiches for the homeless.


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