Zoo Day Is the Best Day by Isabel Laubenheimer

What's a better way to spend a school day than at the zoo? That's what St. Boniface School got to do on Friday, September 28. The whole school got to take the day off from classes and travel to the Milwaukee County Zoo. We got into groups, each chaperoned by a teacher or parent, and headed off into different directions to look at the animals. My group, three other eighth graders and I, were chaperoned by the one and only Mrs. Nilles. Once we got to the zoo, we went off and looked at animals for the next 3 hours, while occasionally running into a few of the other groups from school. It was very fun.

Around 12:15, the school gathered for lunch. I was sitting at a table, surrounded by my friends, and we talked about the animals we saw, which were our favorites, and which ones we thought resembled each other. Towards the end of lunch, people were gathered close to the garbage cans. I wondered what was going on, so I wandered over there. Apparently, somebody stepped in peacock poop! We all had to laugh, including the girl who stepped wrong.  A few minutes later, some peacocks were approaching other students and the students were feeding them food. We knew to steer clear! It was definitely an interesting lunch.

After lunch, my group and I continued to wander the zoo. I saw the new otter exhibit, which was very cute. We then followed another group to the small mammal exhibit. Personally, I don't like that exhibit because they have bats in there, and I do not like bats. They scare me! Two of the people in the other group knew about it. When we headed into the bat section, they were trying their best to scare me and they succeeded. I kept getting scared and they kept laughing at me. I finally gave up and just started laughing along with them. Once we were done with that exhibit, we had to get back on the bus and head back to school.

In all, it was a pretty great day. We didn't have class, we got to see animals, had so much fun, and made so many memories with one another. My classmate Conrad said, “The zoo really helps kids learn about how animals live their lives.” He really captured the spirit of the day. It was a great experience, and I'll miss doing school field trips when I graduate.


  • Mrs. NeureutherPosted on 1/22/19

    I loved your blog, Izzi. It brought back many fun memories for me. I, too, loved looking at the animals, except the bats!

  • CindyPosted on 1/19/19

    Great article Izzi! Love your creative descriptions. Fun read.