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2020-2021 Enrollment Open Now!

Posted by Joanna Grossi on 1/24/20

Enrollment now open for the 2020-2021 School Year!

CLICK HERE to get started!

School News & Events

Posted by Joanna Grossi on 10/29/19

THANK YOU to everyone for making this year's Apple Pie Sale another success! 

This year we made 3,934 pies with 324 bushels of apples and filled over 360 shifts! We hope you have enjoyed at least ONE of your delicious apple pies already. We will start taking orders for ... Read More »

Fantastic 7th Grade Boys Volleyball by Alex Kesler

Posted by Jody Banner on 4/12/19

The St. Boniface 7th grade boys’ volleyball team had eight players on it. There were two from our school and the rest were from faith formation. We started practicing before the 2018-2019 school year even started. We had practice on Mondays and Thursdays. We practiced for about a month ... Read More »

Be Fast in Track by Olivia Fernandez

Posted by Jody Banner on 4/10/19

In spring, St. Boniface students team up with other students from Holy Angels and St. Gabriel for a new and exciting track season. It’s full of jumping, running, throwing, and more! Last year’s amazing coach was Beth Krause. In track girls and boys of 5th grade to 8th are ... Read More »

The Wonderful Works of Mercy Projects by Hannah Paul

Posted by Jody Banner on 4/08/19

Have you ever wondered how you can help your community? In 5th grade at St. Boniface School, you and your class get to pick at least three different ways to help out your community and school. These projects are called the Works of Mercy, since the projects are based ... Read More »

7th Grade’s Thrilling Season Comes to a Close by Bennett Krause

Posted by Jody Banner on 4/05/19

The St. Boniface 7th grade boys basketball team took first place in their 2018-19 Don Bosco league. Not only did we win our league this season, but we also brought home the first place trophy from the St. Leonard’s tournament. The team, after a long, hard season, has come ... Read More »

The Joy of a Christmas Concert by Tiffany Cervantes

Posted by Jody Banner on 4/03/19

Have you ever gone to a Christmas Concert? At St. Boniface School, we have the most creative Christmas concerts. Every year there are different songs and ideas. In 2017, the whole school performed “Silent Night” in sign language. In 2018, we had some people sing solos. One of the ... Read More »

An Experience That Will Last a Lifetime by Samantha Norris

Posted by Jody Banner on 4/01/19


One group that I have been a part of while at St. Boniface has been Girl Scouts. The troop I am in started when we were first-grade Daisies and now we are seventh-grade Cadets. We meet at different times throughout the school year for meetings and activities at ... Read More »

Our Fun Field Trip to Madison by Carsen Dulak

Posted by Jody Banner on 3/29/19

Madison is a great place to take a field trip such as our class did. The capitol in Madison is one of our nation's many state capitals around the country. Our class and two other grades went there to see all that the capital does and has in it. ... Read More »

7th Grade Christmas Carol Trip by Nick Humphriss

Posted by Jody Banner on 3/27/19

In 7th grade ELA class, you read a lot of novels. The novel that you read before Christmas break is A Christmas Carol. This is a book that teaches people about the spirit of Christmas. When we were done reading the book, Mrs. Nilles, our ELA teacher, took my ... Read More »