FF Grade K4-5

Early Childhood Faith Formation

Grades K4 - 5

Our mission is to support the family in building on their child’s relationship with God,
to lay a foundation of faith learning in our Catholic tradition,
and to nurture their experience of parish life and community.

Our program uses the Loyola Press religion series which teaches the fundamentals of our Catholic faith through Scripture, prayer, and a variety of learning experiences. It fosters children to grow in faith and develop a relationship with God on a personal and communal level. Family faith events bring parents and children together for prayer, learning, and sharing in the life of the Church.

For more information on our Early Childhood Faith Formation Program, please call the Office of Faith Formation at 262-628-8143 x22 or [email protected]

Class Schedule K4 - K5 Sunday

Class Schedule Grade 1-5 Wednesday

Curriculum Guides:

Curriculum Guide K4-K5

Curriculum Guide Grade 1 Wednesday

Curriculum Guide Grade 2 Wednesday

Curriculum Guide Grade 3 Wednesday

Curriculum Guide Grade 4 Wednesday

Curriculum Guide Grade 5 Wednesday